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When no errors remain, you can import your data.


You could also have decided to import lines that were already corrected at anytime of the process. Indeed, once a record is corrected it can be imported into DaRWIN. You can therefore interrupt your work for a file, import “OK” lines and come back later to continue the process.

Remember that it is only once you have clicked on the “Import “OK” lines” button that the system will actually import your records into DaRWIN. Before this step, your records are stored in a temporary table and are not visible in DaRWIN.

When you click on “Import “OK” lines” button, the file status turns into “Processing”. You won’t be able to edit your file until this process is over.

If every line was imported, your file status will change to “Finished”. A finished file isn’t editable anymore but is still displayed for information purpose.