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Edit Item

The edit menu is divided in 6 sections

The different information categories are :

  • Default
  • Item descriptor
  • Item Status
  • Settings
  • Ownership
  • Categorization


To edit the Item:

  • click on the Edit button in the green menu situated on the top of the Item View.



  • Title: Name of the Item which will be displayed in the Items list
  • Description: Shirt ecription of the Item dispayedin the list
  • Multimedia Iframe (Rich text field allowing to display the images or to embbed a video or a 3D view from an external reprository)
    • Example: embedded 3D file from sketchfab

      <div><iframe height="600px" src=";autostart=1&amp;preload=1&amp;transparent=1&amp;ui_infos=0&amp;ui_related=0" width="800"></iframe></div>





The second section is the Item descriptor

  • Size (choice of categories)
  • Length (in cm)
  • Breadth (in cm)
  • Heigth (in cm)
  • Weigth (in kh)
  • Volume structure (choice of categories)
  • Volume state (choice of categories)
  • Raw Material(s) (Rich text field)
  • Glossiness (Rich text field)
  • Colour (Rich text field)



The third section provides information about the status of the object

Item Status

  • Transport (is the Item transportable or not)
  • Status (is the Item composed by living components or by stable components)
  • Digitization status (Is the object already digitized and with which technique))
  • Digitization Protocols (description of the protocols used to digitize the Item)



The Settings option allows to specify if the object could be the starting point of a discussion with a complete follow-up workflow

  • Allow discussion



The next section define the Ownership of the Item and its digital representation

  • Creators
  • Contributors
  • Rights




The Categorization section

  • Related Items (allow to link to another Item in the Case studies)
  • Tags (chose and click on the Name of teh institution)
  • Language (defines the langage used for the description of the Item)