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Conditions For Membership

Active Member: It refers to persons in good standing. 

Effective Member: This may be granted, upon application, to persons whose candidacy has been admitted at the General Assembly. 

Honorary and Protective Member: This may be granted to leading scientists to whome the society wishes to pay tribute, or to the persons who helped the society either with a donation, material or moral support. This membership is granted only on the proposal of the Board of Directors at the general assembly.

Membership fee: The annual fee subscription is fixed at 25 €. A reduced rate of 18 € is reserved to students on presentation of student card or certificate of schooling. All members in good standing receive the latest volume of Anthropologica and Præhistorica published by the Royal Belgian Society of Anthropology and Prehistory. 

Payment: The membership fee can be paid in cash directly to the treasurer of the Society or by bank transfer to the account of Royal Belgian Society of Anthropology and Prehistory. 

  • IBAN: BE46 00003074 2936
  • Communication to indicate (if possible): "Contribution + Surname"

Current Members of the Society

The effective members of the Royal Belgian Society of Anthropology and Prehistory are:

  • Arechiga Juliette
  • Beauthier Jean-Pol
  • Bondroit Eve
  • Bosquet Dominique
  • Boucherie Alexandra
  • Buchet Alexandre
  • Capuzzo Giacomo
  • Cattelain Pierre
  • Chapman Tara
  • Collet Hélène
  • Colombo Antony
  • Cornelissen Els
  • Crèvecoeur Isabelle
  • Daumas Mathilde
  • De Maret Pierre
  • Delcourt-Vlaeminck Marianne
  • Delsate Dominique
  • Demarée Gaston
  • Fagnart Jean-Pierre
  • Flas Damien
  • Fondation Paul Raymaekers   
  • Germonpré Mietje
  • Gilissen Emmanuel
  • Gryspeirt Noémie
  • Haine Adriaan
  • Hauzeur Anne
  • Hlad Marta
  • Jadin Ivan
  • Kharobi Arwa
  • Laforest Caroline
  • Lefevre Philippe
  • Lepage Yvan
  • Lippus Jean-Pierre
  • Louryan Stéphane
  • Marchal François
  • Masy Philippe
  • Orban Rosine
  • Otte Marcel
  • Pasture Bertrand
  • Piret Jean
  • Pirson Stéphane
  • Polet Caroline
  • Prehistomuseum         
  • Ribot Isabelle
  • Sabaux Charlotte
  • Salesse Kevin
  • Semal Patrick
  • Semelier Patricia
  • Slachmuylder Jean
  • Snoeck Christophe
  • Société Archéo-Historique de Visé
  • Stamataki Elisavet
  • Tafani Aurélien
  • Touzé Olivier
  • Tromme François
  • Valotteau François
  • Van Craynest Marie-Paule
  • Van de Vijver Katrien
  • Van Neer Wim
  • Vandevelde-Delfosse Pierre
  • Vanhaelen Alexis
  • Vanmonfort Bart
  • Vanmuylder Nathalie
  • Vercauteren Martine
  • Veselka Barbara
  • Werquin Jean-Pierre





Royal Belgian Society of anthropology and Prehistory

Vautier street, 29, 1000 Brussel - Belgium