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A12223 Achondrites Info

Name: Asuka 12223 Country: Antarctica Date: 2012 Mass (g): 75.5 Class: Eucrite Collected jointly by: NIPR (Japan) and RBINS (Belgium) HED meteorites (Howardites, Eucrites, Diogenites): Eucrite: Eucrites are the most common of the achondrites and belong to the group of HED (Howardites, Eucrites, Diogenites) meteorites. HED meteorites are thought to have originated from asteroid Vesta, which is the second largest object in the asteroid belt. Eucrites can be subdivided into cumulate and basaltic eucrites: the cumulate eucrites are similar to terrestrial gabbros and are thought to have crystallized in depth, whereas the basaltic eucrites resemble terrestrial basalts and therefore, possibly formed near or on the surface of Vesta.


Marleen De Ceukelaire 
(collection conservator)
+32 (0)2 788 76 37