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A12144 Achondrites Info

Name: Asuka 12144 Country: Antarctica Date: 2012 Mass (g): 143 Class: Diogenite Collected jointly by: NIPR (Japan) and RBINS (Belgium) HED meteorites (Howardites, Eucrites, Diogenites): Diogenite: These meteorites are magmatic rocks and as such, they deliver important information about igneous processes of their parent body. Diogenites are strongly linked with the eucrites and howardites. Therefore, they possibly also originate from asteroid Vesta. Just like Earth, Vesta has a core, mantle and crust and it is believed that the diogenites form the lower crust of asteroid Vesta.


Marleen De Ceukelaire 
(collection conservator)
+32 (0)2 788 76 37