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A09545 Achondrites Info

Name: Asuka 09545 Country: Antarctica Date: 2009 Mass (g): 14.6 Class: MES Collected jointly by: NIPR (Japan) and RBINS (Belgium) Stony-iron meteorites: Mes (Mesosiderite): Mesosiderites belong to the group of stony-iron meteorites, which are roughly composed of equal portions of silicates and FeNi-metal. Most of the mesosiderites are brecciated (i.e. composed of broken rock fragments cemented together by a fine-grained matrix). Their parent body(ies) remain unknown, but it was suggested that Vesta may be the parent body of mesosiderite silicates.


Marleen De Ceukelaire 
(collection conservator)
+32 (0)2 788 76 37