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A09474 Chondrites Info

Name: Asuka 09474 Country: Antarctica Date: 2009 Mass (g): 119.2 Class: CM Collected jointly by: NIPR (Japan) and RBINS (Belgium) Carbonaceous chondrites: CM2 (Mighei-type): These carbonaceous chondrites resemble their type specimen, the Mighei meteorite (the fall occurred in 1889 in the Ukraine). The CM chondrites originate from primitive water-rich asteroids, which formed during the early solar system. Their spectra closely match with near-Earth asteroids Ryugu and Bennu, which are the target of current sample return missions (Hayabusa-2 and OSIRIS-Rex).


Marleen De Ceukelaire 
(collection conservator)
+32 (0)2 788 76 37