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Box 190

BE-RBINS-ENT Collection F. Carpentier (1890-1978)


Name in the box Ordre Family Total_number Location
Nomada ruficornis L. Hymenoptera Nomadidae 3 Belgique
Nomada sexfasciata Panz. Hymenoptera Nomadidae 3 Belgique
Ceratina cyanea Kirby Hymenoptera Ceratinidae 2 Belgique
Anthophora retusa L. Hymenoptera Anthophoridae 2 Belgique
Anthophora acervorum L. Hymenoptera Anthophoridae 2 Belgique
Eucera longicornis L. Hymenoptera Anthophoridae 2 Congo belge
Melecta armata Panz. Hymenoptera Anthophoridae 1 Belgique
Epeolus variegatus Linnaeus Hymenoptera Anthophoridae 1 Belgique
Crocisa sp. Hymenoptera Anthophoridae 3 Congo belge
Prosopis sp. Hymenoptera Prosopidae 2 Belgique
Colletes succinctus L. Hymenoptera Colletidae 1 Belgique
Colletes sp. Hymenoptera Colletidae 2 France
Bombus terrestris Fab. Hymenoptera Bombidae 2 Belgique
Bombus lapidarius L. Hymenoptera Bombidae 2 Belgique
Centris insignis Smith Hymenoptera Bombidae 1 Colombie
Centris sp. Hymenoptera Bombidae 1 Colombie
Psithyrus rupestris Fab. Hymenoptera Bombidae 1 Belgique
Bombidae sp. Hymenoptera Bombidae 3  
Acanthopus splendidus Fab. Hymenoptera Chrysanthedidae 1 Colombie
Chrysanthedidae sp. Hymenoptera Chrysanthedidae 1  
Chrysantheda smaragdina Guér. Hymenoptera Chrysanthedidae 2 Amérique tropicale
Aglae caerulea Lep. Hymenoptera Chrysanthedidae 2 Amérique tropicale
Apis mellifera L. Hymenoptera Apidae 5 Belgique
Apis dorsata Fab. Hymenoptera Apidae 2 Sri Lanka



Collection manager: Kerkhof Stefan
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