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Box 186

BE-RBINS-ENT Collection F. Carpentier (1890-1978)


Name in the box Ordre Family Total_number Location
Dielis dorsata Fab. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 2 Colombie
Discolia bidens L. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 2 Italie
Discolia hirta Schranck Hymenoptera Scoliidae 3 Italie
Discolia quadripunctata Fab. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 1 France
Scoliidae sp. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 4  
Dielis hyalina Lep. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 1 Amérique du Sud
Elis sp. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 1 Amérique centrale
Triscolia Flavifrons F. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 3 France
Triscolia procera Ill. Hymenoptera Scoliidae 1 Sumatra
Mutilla europaea L. Hymenoptera Mutillidae 3 Belgique
Mutilla melanocephala fisch Hymenoptera Mutillidae 1 Congo belge
Dasylabris mauras L. Hymenoptera Mutillidae 3 France
Smicromyrme sp. Hymenoptera Mutillidae 1 France
Myrmilla bipunctata Latr. Hymenoptera Mutillidae 1 France
Dasymutilla sackenii cresson Hymenoptera Mutillidae 2 U.S.A.
Dolichomutilla quineensis F. Hymenoptera Mutillidae 1 Congo
Mutillidae sp. Hymenoptera Mutillidae 5  
Thynnus apterus Ol. Hymenoptera Thynnidae 3 Australie
Thynnidae sp. Hymenoptera Thynnidae 3  
Thynnidae sp. Hymenoptera Thynnidae 2  
Diamma bicolor Westw. Hymenoptera Thynnidae 2 Australie
Thynnidae sp. Hymenoptera Thynnidae 2  
Sapyga quinquepunctata Fabricius Hymenoptera Sapygidae 1 Belgique
Sapygidae sp. Hymenoptera Sapygidae 2  
Myzine tripunctata Rossi Hymenoptera Tiphiidae 3 Europe méridionale
Tiphia femorata F. Hymenoptera Tiphiidae 3 Belgique
Tiphiidae sp. Hymenoptera Tiphiidae 1  
Myrmosa melanocephala F. Hymenoptera Myrmosidae 3 Belgique
Anthobosca anthracina Sm. Hymenoptera Anthoboscidae 1 Australie
Apterogyna sp. Hymenoptera Apterogynidae 1 Inde



Collection manager: Kerkhof Stefan
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