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Box 185

BE-RBINS-ENT Collection F. Carpentier (1890-1978)


Name in the box Ordre Family Total_number Location
Podium rufiventre Fab. Hymenoptera Sphecidae 1 Brésil
Sceliphron spirifex L. Hymenoptera Sphecidae 3 Europe du Sud
Sphex umbrosus lanatusMocs. Hymenoptera Sphecidae 1 Congo belge
Chlorion mirandum Kohl Hymenoptera Sphecidae 2 Colombie
Psammophila hirsuta Scop. Hymenoptera Sphecidae 5 Belgique
Ammophila ludovicus Smith Hymenoptera Sphecidae 1 Congo belge
Ammophila sabulosa L. Hymenoptera Sphecidae 4 Belgique
Chlorion xabthoceros Illig. Hymenoptera Sphecidae 2 Congo belge
Cerceris arenaria L. Hymenoptera Philanthidae 1 Belgique
Cerceris rybiensis L. Hymenoptera Philanthidae 2 Belgique
Cerceris sp. Hymenoptera Philanthidae 2 Inde
Philanthus triangulum F. Hymenoptera Philanthidae 2 Belgique
Philanthidae sp. Hymenoptera Philanthidae 1  
Ampulex compressa F. Hymenoptera Ampulicidae 5 Inde
Trypoxylon fugulus L. Hymenoptera Trypoxylonidae 2 Belgique
Trypoxylon sp. Hymenoptera Trypoxylonidae 1 U.S.A.
Trypoxylonidae sp. Hymenoptera Trypoxylonidae 1  
Pemphredon unicolor F. Hymenoptera Pemphredonidae 3 Belgique
Crossocerus elongatulus V.&D.&L. Hymenoptera Crabronidae 2 Belgique
Crabro cribrarices L. Hymenoptera Crabronidae 2 Belgique
Rhopalum clavpes L. Hymenoptera Crabronidae 1 Belgique
Lestica clypeata Schrb. Hymenoptera Crabronidae 2 Belgique
Ectemnius zonatus Panz. Hymenoptera Crabronidae 1 Belgique
Astata stigma Panz. Hymenoptera Astatidae 2 France
Mellinus arvensis L. Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 3 Belgique
Gorytes mystaceus Linnaeus Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 2 Belgique
Harpactus laevis Latr. Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 1 France
Sphecius specosus Dru Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 1 U.S.A.
Monedula sp. Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 2 Colombie
Bembex rostrata L. Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 1 Belgique
Stizus sp. Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 1 Brésil
Bembex sinuata Latr. Hymenoptera Nyssonidae 2 France



Collection manager: Kerkhof Stefan
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