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Box 183

BE-RBINS-ENT Collection F. Carpentier (1890-1978)


Name in the box Ordre Family Total_number Location
Monobia quadridens (Linné,1763) Hymenoptera Eumenidae 1 U.S.A.
Eumenes sp. Hymenoptera Eumenidae 1 Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée
Eumenes unguiculata (Villers, 1789) Hymenoptera Eumenidae 1 France
Eumenes coarctata (Linné,1758) Hymenoptera Eumenidae 3 Belgique
Eumenes flavipicta Blanchard, 1840 Hymenoptera Eumenidae 1 Sri Lanka
Synagris Cornuta (Linné,1758) Hymenoptera Eumenidae 3 Zaïre
Odynerus marginella Fabricius, 1793 Hymenoptera Eumenidae 1 Zaïre
Odynerus parietum (Linné,1758) Hymenoptera Eumenidae 1 Belgique
Odynerus crassicornis (Panzer, 1798) Hymenoptera Eumenidae 2 Belgique
Eumenidae sp. Hymenoptera Eumenidae 5  
Vespa cincta Fabricius, 1775 Hymenoptera Vespidae 1 Inde
Vespa crabo Linné,1758 Hymenoptera Vespidae 2+1larve+1 nymphe Belgique
Vespula germanica Fabricius, 1793 Hymenoptera Vespidae 4 Belgique
Vespa sylvestris Scopoli, 1763 Hymenoptera Vespidae 1 Belgique
Polistes sp. Hymenoptera Vespidae 2 Belgique
Polistes variabilis Fabricius, 1781 Hymenoptera Vespidae 1 Australie
Vespidae sp. Hymenoptera Vespidae 3  
Rhopalidia sp. Hymenoptera Vespidae 1 Congo
Polybia nigra (Brullé,1840) Hymenoptera Vespidae 2 Brésil
Tatua tatua (Lepeletier, 1836) Hymenoptera Vespidae 1 Guyanne
Apoica pallida (Olivier, 1791) Hymenoptera Vespidae 2 Colombie
Belanogaster juncea (Fabricius, 1781) Hymenoptera Vespidae 3 Zaïre
Paragia decipiens Shuckard, 1837 Hymenoptera Masaridae 1 Australie
Ceramius tuberculifer Saussure, 1853 Hymenoptera Masaridae 1 France
Celonites sp. Hymenoptera Masaridae 2 France
Masaris Vespoides Cresson, 1863 Hymenoptera Masaridae 1 U.S.A.
Masaridae sp. Hymenoptera Masaridae 1  



Collection manager: Kerkhof Stefan
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