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Box 181

BE-RBINS-ENT Collection F. Carpentier (1890-1978)


Name in the box Ordre Family Total_number Location
Callinome abdominale Boh. Hymenoptera Tormynidae 2 Belgique
Syntomatpis cyanea Boh. Hymenoptera Tormynidae 2 Belgique
Diomorus calcaratus Nees Hymenoptera Tormynidae 1 Belgique
Megastigmus dorsalis Fab. Hymenoptera Tormynidae 1 Belgique
Podagrion pachymerum Walk. Hymenoptera Tormynidae 1 Italie
Neoanacryptus nigriscutum Grlt. Hymenoptera Tormynidae 3 Australie
Ormyrus tubulosus Fonsc. Hymenoptera Ormyridae 3 Italie
Arthrocephalus fasciatipennis Bing. Hymenoptera Ormyridae 1 Australie
Blastophaga psenes L. Hymenoptera Agaonidae 2+2 cocons Italie
Destaphania sp. Hymenoptera Eucharitidae 1 Italie
Chirocrus sp. Hymenoptera Eucharitidae 1 Italie
Anastatus sp. Hymenoptera Eupelmidae 1 Belgique
Pterolmalius purparum L. Hymenoptera Pterolmalidae 1 Belgique
Stenomalus muscarum L. Hymenoptera Pterolmalidae 1 Belgique
Cheiropachys colon Westw. Hymenoptera Pterolmalidae 2 Belgique
Trigonoderus lichtenteini Ratz. Hymenoptera Pterolmalidae 1 Belgique
Cameronella blackburni Cam. Hymenoptera Pterolmalidae 1 Australie
Pterolmalidae sp. Hymenoptera Pterolmalidae 5  
Perilampus italicus F. Hymenoptera Perilampidae 1 Belgique
Perilampus ruficornis F. Hymenoptera Perilampidae 1 Belgique
Cratorechus sp. Hymenoptera Eulophidae 1 Belgique
Melittobia acasta W. Hymenoptera Eulophidae 3+1 cocon Belgique
Ceratocerus mirabilis Westw. Hymenoptera Encyrtidae 1 Belgique
Stenoteryx fulvoventralis Dodd Hymenoptera Encyrtidae 1 Belgique
Encyrtidae sp. Hymenoptera Encyrtidae 1  
Decatoma biguttata Swed. Hymenoptera Eyrytomidae 1 Belgique
Decatomothorax flava cam. Hymenoptera Eyrytomidae 1 Australie
Trichilogaster longicornis Frogg. Hymenoptera Eyrytomidae 1 Australie
Eyrytoma mayri D..& T. Hymenoptera Eyrytomidae 2 Belgique
Leucospis gigas F. Hymenoptera Leucospididae 3 Europe méridionale
Leucospis dorsigera Fabricius Hymenoptera Leucospididae 3 Allemagne
Chalcis sp. Hymenoptera Chalcididae 4 Vietnam
Smicra biguttata Spin. Hymenoptera Chalcididae 1 Italie
Xanthomelanus sp. Hymenoptera Chalcididae 1 Mexique
Agamerion cleptidea Cam. Hymenoptera Chalcididae 2 Australie
Chalcididae sp. Hymenoptera Chalcididae 1  



Collection manager: Kerkhof Stefan
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