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Belgian Bioarchaeology Near East

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 210 references in this bibliography folder.

Dufour, E, Holmden, C, Neer, WV, Zazzo, A, Patterson, WP, Degryse, P, and Keppens, E (2007).
Oxygen and strontium isotopes as provenance indicators of fish at archaeological sites: the case study of Sagalassos, SW Turkey
Journal of Archaeological Science, 34(8):1226–1239.

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Contextual analysis at Sagalassos
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An evaluation of analytical and interpretative methodologies for the extraction and identification of lipids associated with pottery sherds from the site of Sagalassos, Turkey
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Fish Remains from Bronze Age to Byzantine Levels
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Economic and ecological reconstruction at the Classical site of Sagalassos, Turkey, using pig teeth
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Two late antique residential complexes at Sagalassos
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Les ossements humains
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La faune
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Bronze Age fish remains from Sidon
Archaeology & History in the Lebanon, 24:86–95.

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The Late Antique to Early Byzantine city in southwest Anatolia. Sagalassos and its territory: A case study
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Archaeometrical and interdisciplinary research at Sagalassos in 2004
In: XXI. Arkeometri Sonuçları Toplantısı. Antalya, 30 mayıs - 3 haziran 2005, pp. 175–188, Ankara.

De Cupere, B (2005).
Kemik kalıntıları hakkında rapor / Report of the faunal analysis
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Ancient breeds of domestic fowl (Gallus gallus f. domestica) distinguished on the basis of traditional observations combined with mixture analysis
Journal of Archaeological Science, 32(11):1587–1597.

Kimpe, K, Jacobs, P, and Waelkens, M (2005).
Identification of animal fats in late Roman cooking pots of Sagalassos (southwestern Turkey)
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Late Holocene environmental changes indicated by fossil remains of mites (Arthropoda, Acari) in the marsh of Gravgaz, southwest Turkey

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The emergence of fishing communities in the eastern mediterranean region : A survey of evidence from Pre- and Protohistoric periods
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Recherche paléobotanique à Pessinonte: l'étude des grains et des fruits (2002-2003)
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The 2003 survey season at Sagalassos and in its territory
In: XX. Arkeometri Sonuçları Toplantısı, 24-28 Mayıs 2004, Konya, pp. 173–186, Ankara.

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Statistical treatment of trace element data from modern and ancient animal bone: evaluation of Roman and Byzantine environmental pollution
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Kimpe, K, Drybooms, C, Schrevens, E, Jacobs, PA, Degeest, R, and Waelkens, M (2004).
Assessing the relationship between form and use of different kinds of pottery from the archaeological site Sagalassos (southwest Turkey) with lipid analysis
Journal of Archaeological Science, 31(11):1503–1510.

Saña, M (2004).
Analysis of the faunal remains of the Halaf period from Tell Amarna (Syria)
In: Tell Amarna (Syrie) I. La période de Halaf, ed. by Tunca, Ö. and Molist, M. and Cruells, W., pp. 245–260, Peeters, Leuven. Publications de la Mission archéologique de l'Université de Liège en Syrie.

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