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RBINS Access Rules

Rules and regulations for external visiting scientists


• A visiting scientist is only allowed access to the collection if he or she has accepted and signed these rules and regulations.

• Anyone who wishes to study collections, should contact the responsible Curator, informing them of the purpose and the days of the proposed visit, of the material to be study and any technical means needed

• A visiting scientist must make an appointment at least two weeks before the proposed visit.

• The visitor must work in a laboratory designated by RBINS, he will have access to a bench and to the available scientific equipement.

• The study material for the visitor is brought to this laboratory, unless the specimens are too heavy, too large or too fragile to move. Only in such cases can the visitor work in the depository in the presence of a technician, who is the only one allowed to move the specimens.

• The visitor must in no way alter specimens without written permission of the Curator. This applies to dissections, samples for DNA research, microscopic sections, all alterations by mechanical or chemical means (this enumeration is not exhaustive). It is forbidden to take stuffed animals from their bases or to disarticulate skeletons.

• The visitor can take photographs of the researched specimens, for personal use or for scientific publications. Commercial use is not allowed: this is subject to separate written permission.

• Labels with the specimens should not be removed, destroyed or modified. If there is any reason to modify them (e.g. modified determination), this must be reported to the Curator, who will see that supplementary labels and database modifications are made.

• If a visitor uses the study material for publication, he or she must indicate that the specimens are the property of the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences, by using the abbreviation RBINS, with the register number or any other identification number. Furthermore, two printed copies of a PDF-file must be provided to the responsible Curator.

• Each visitor who does not comply to these rules and regulations, will be denied future access to the collections.