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Box 053

BE-RBINS-ENT Collection F. Carpentier (1890-1978)


Name in the box Ordre Family Total_number Location
Anoplocnemis curvipes Fab. Hemiptera Coreidae 2 Congo Belge
Diactor bilineatus Fab. Hemiptera Coreidae 2 Brésil
Mictis metallica Sign. Hemiptera Coreidae 2 Congo belge
Physomerus sp. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Inde
Petascelis remipes Sign. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Congo belge
Derepteryx sp. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Inde
Acanthocephala latipes Dru. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Paraguay
Spartocera sp. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Brésil
Phyllomorpha laciniata ViII. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Europe
Verlusia rhombea L. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Europe
Gonocerus juniperi H. S. Hemiptera Coreidae 1 Belgique
Syromastes marginatus  L. Hemiptera Coreidae 21 Belgique
Coreus hirticornis Fab. Hemiptera Coreidae 2 Europe
Micrelytra fossularum Rossi Hemiptera Coreidae 2 France
Syromastes sp.   Hemiptera Coreidae 1 France
Physopelta festiva Fab. Hemiptera Pyrrhocoridae 1 Congo belge
Lohita grandis Gray Hemiptera Pyrrhocoridae 2 Vietnam
Melamphaus faber Fab. Hemiptera Pyrrhocoridae 1 Inde
Pyrrhocoris apterus L. Hemiptera Pyrrhocoridae 3 Europe
Dysdercus sp. Hemiptera Pyrrhocoridae 2 Congo belge
Oncopeltus sp. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 3 Ruanda
Lygaeus militaris Fab. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 2 Europe
Lygaeus familiaris Fab. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 2 France
Lygaeus equestris L. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 3 Europe
Emblethis verbasci Fab. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Arocatus sp. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 2 Paraguay
Microtoma carbonaria Rossi Hemiptera Lygaeidae 2 France
Aphanus lynceus Fab. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Gastrodes ferrugineus L. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Ischnorhynchus resedae Panz. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 3 Belgique
Plinthisus brevipennis Latr. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 3 France
Geocoris grylloides L. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Rhyparochromus chiragra Fab. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Cymus gladicolor Hahn Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Heterogaster urticae Fab. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Stygnus rusticus Fall. Hemiptera Lygaeidae 1 Belgique
Therapha hyoscyami L. Hemiptera Rhopalidae 2 Europe
Corizus capitatus Fab. Hemiptera Rhopalidae 2 Belgique
Rhopalus tigrinus Schill. Hemiptera Rhopalidae 1 Corse
Serinetha sp. Hemiptera Rhopalidae 1 Congo belge
Chorosoma schillingi Schumm. Hemiptera Rhopalidae 2 Europe
Stenocephalus agilis Scop. Hemiptera Stendhalienne 2 Europe



Collection manager: Kerkhof Stefan
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